Despite it’s title, The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson has nothing to do with vampires. (Thank God!)  And it happens to be one of my favorite reads so far this year.

Fang follows performance artists, Caleb and Camille Fang and their children, Annie and Buster (Also known as Child A. and Child B.) who begrudgingly star in their parents’ crazy-subversive-real-life-performance-work.  After being away from their parents for years,  Annie and Buster (much to their dismay) find themselves both at home and are once again, entangled in one of their parents wildly strange  and manipulative adventures.

The eccentric Fang family humorously tackles issues the average family deals with—including co-dependency, parent-child roles (that stay with us even as adults) and eternal loyalty that could only result because of  blood relation.  All of this makes the Family Fang’s (often outlandish) tale oddly relatable.

Wilson’s witty narration is totally quirky, often bizarre and downright hilarious.  It’s dark comedy with a really big heart—really fun summer read!